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She Will Lay Waste

If one thing is for certain, after finishing George R. R. Martin’s first installment of A Song of Ice and Fire, Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons will burn everyone and everything that stands in her path…if the little guys survive. Which I am pretty confident that they will.

No, she wanted to shout to him, no, my good knight, do not fear for me. The fire is mine. I am Daenerys Stormborn, daughter of dragons, bride of dragons, mother of dragons, don’t you see? Don’t you SEE? With a belch of flame and smoke that reached thirty feet into the sky, the pyre collapsed and came down around her. Unafraid, Dany stepped forward into the firestorm, calling to her children.”

- page 806 A Song of Ice and Fire, A Game of Thrones

In this final chapter and the chapter before featuring Dany, she continues to harp on “Only death can pay for life.” This was what the maegi and her discussed when she spoke of the blood magic that they performed. They talk about this before Drogo dies and again when she ties the maegi to the pyre. However… since I’ve been obsessively thinking about this, I’m beginning to think that the blood magic is some how related to how dragons are born. When Daenerys was carried in to the tent during labor, my original theory was that she had been with dragon the entire time…now I’m beginning to think that the sacrifice was her child, the blood, and the result was a dragon being formed within her but not having the sufficient heat, the fire, to survive. BUT when they said that her son would be the “stallion who mounts the world”, that might have also been an indicator that she was always with dragon and that it was sacrificed in the blood magic ritual to save Drogo. AND that the Targaryens will once again take the throne. I also think the maegi knew that the baby was no baby from the start and she was planning on killing it from the start. So in conclusion, for now at least, my theory is that because the Targaryen’s words are “Fire and Blood”, that means it takes fire to create dragons and blood…blood of the dragon. (pssst TARGARYEN BLOOD hint hint hint)

These are ALL of my speculations, totally and 100% thoughts from my brain after absorbing the tale.

I am just starting to get in to A Clash of Kings so this blog will focus on my discussions of my theories and conclusions on the series as I read and watch as well as pictures, gifs, and all those visual goodies. For those of you interested in following along with me, I highly recommend you read the books and watch the show.

I’ll close with a favorite quote by the author,

"The devil is in the details they say. A book this size has a lot of devils, any one of which will bite you if you don’t watch out. Fortunately, I know a lot of angels.”

And I’m glad he does because someone who writes something like this needs some angels in their life haha.

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